FAQ 16 Weeks of Hell

The answers to the most common questions

Everything you wanted to know about 16WOH but never dared to ask! If you would like more information about 16WOH and our programs, please contact us.

I play a lot of padel, soccer, ice hockey, golf and more. Can I still complete 16WOH? And do I get more to eat then?

Yes, you can complete 16WOH but must understand that 16WOH must be prioritized before your other activities during these weeks if you want desired results. The amount of food/energy depends on many more reasons than extra activity, which can be a reason for increased energy intake.

I have problems with a shoulder, back, knee or similar. Do you adapt the program based on my injuries?

We adapt the exercises that trigger the pain. But you will follow the original plan just like everyone else, which we know from experience will work brilliantly regardless of injury.

I don't want to lose weight but I just want to replace fat with muscle, is that possible?

The answer is no, for the vast majority. Fat weighs and replacing lost fat mass with the same amount of muscle takes time and usually nothing you have time to do in 16 weeks. The exception is those who have extremely little body fat from the start and minimal training habits, which means that muscular development can be "brutal" during the entire first year you start training.

What is a powerwalk according to 16WOH?

Powerwalk takes place every day for 16 weeks. We decide how long you walk (the time is decisive, not the number of km). The pace is simple, you go as fast as YOU can based on YOUR conditions.

What is the difference between 12 and 16 weeks?

The biggest difference is that in 16 weeks you get more time to work into new habits, build new muscle mass and thus develop physically a little more than in 12 weeks.

When it comes to weight loss, the vast majority lose the weight they want regardless of whether they choose 12 or 16 weeks.

Can everyone complete 16WOH?

If you are open to change and accept that the program is time consuming, absolutely. With planning, discipline and execution, anyone who wants to can complete the program.

I have type 2 diabetes. Will the program work for me?

Absolutely, our diet plan has been proven to be extremely good for diabetes. Blood sugar keeps you at a very even level throughout the day. We have hundreds of participants who during the program become completely free of their type 2 diabetes (provided you follow the program 100%).

I have diabetes type 1. Does the program work for me.

Yes, with some adjustments already from day 1, it works perfectly.

The main effect our previous participants have discovered is that they need less insulin via this diet (+exercise) than before.

I have high blood pressure, is 16WOH suitable for me?

Absolutely, you really should complete 16WOH. Most people who start the program with high blood pressure medication need to adjust or completely stop their blood pressure medication before the program is complete. Of course in consultation with your doctor (we do not make medical decisions).

I have never trained/I am an elite athlete. Is the program right for me?

Of course! The program has enough flexibility to suit both.

Alternative gym exercises are easy enough to cope with without an exercise habit. The original exercises are challenging enough for elite athletes.

How do you ensure that the diet is individually adapted?

It takes place during the program depending on your physical development, your personal goals with a possible weight loss and based on what you tell us about your well-being. But we decide what you will eat and how much.

Is there room to celebrate holidays with food other than what is indicated in the diet plan?

No, during 16WOH we take holidays into account as little as your body does, i.e. none at all. If you are going to complete 16WOH, you must prioritize 16WOH during these 16 weeks, including during any holidays that occur during your particular time period.

Can you live anywhere and still participate in 16WOH?

You can live wherever you want in the whole world. We have had participants from around 25 different countries since the start in 2017. Whether you choose a program with physical meetings or not is up to you. The programs themselves are exactly the same in execution.

I don't use social media, can I still participate in 16WOH?

Of course, there is absolutely no requirement to be heard and seen on social media.