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16 Weeks of Hell®

Are you ready?

112 days

that will change your life

Distance program

Duration: 16 weeks

Registration fee: £ 250

Participation fee: £ 900

Total price: £ 1 150



As a participant in 16 Weeks of Hell you will receive a diet plan that shows exactly what you should eat every day for 16 weeks. All meals are nutritionally calculated and include simple recipes so you can easily prepare the meals at home.

The diet includes beef, pork, chicken, fish, shellfish and eggs as well as various dairy products. If you actively choose to exclude beef and/or pork, you can still complete the program with great results. If you also choose to remove chicken, you will have to eat much more monotonous than intended.

Excluding seafood is not an option. In other words, we do not have a diet that is 100% vegan or vegetarian. We can not recommend that you, who wish to eat 100% vegan or vegetarian, sign up for 16WOH.



You receive a training schedule that contains 84 gym sessions with clear instructional videos for each exercise. Cardio training takes place daily in the form of 45 – 75 minutes powerwalk, or other cardio training that you and your coach have agreed on.



During these 16 weeks, you will belong to an online group where you can find all information during the program. We see this group as a digital locker room with a positive spirit where support each other.



No physical meetings take place in the distance program.



We decide on the start dates. If these dates for any reason shouldn’t work for you, then the program Start When you Want is the one for you.



You will receive a daily video greeting from your coach.

Individual adaptation of the diet and exercise schedule takes place during the program.

As a participant, you have an individual responsibility to report to your coach on how training and diet plan works. This is done so that your coach can help you reach your goal in the best possible way.

Fill out the form below to sign up for the original program. An invoice will be sent to the specified email address. If you have any questions about the program or want to know more, please contact us!



Registration for the program is binding and will be billed according to current payment terms. An invoice for the registration fee will be sent to the email address you enter in the registration. The registration fee can not be divided and can not be refunded.

The participation fee can be divided into 4 payments: 1 invoice per month during 4 months. The first invoice is sent the same month as the registration takes place (10 days payment). The payment must be received by us before the program starts. Invoice fee for partial payment will be added (£ 5 / invoice).

We hereby inform that the right of withdrawal does not apply! The vendor (16 Weeks of Hell) hereby informs you that the right of withdrawal does not apply to your purchase. Leisure activities performed on a specific day or during a specific period of time are not entitled to any right of withdrawal and do not generate a refund of the participation fee.

Regarding Corona / Covid-19 and its impact on our program, we refer to Force Majeure (generally unpredictable extraordinary events that occur due to a inevitable external force).

16 Weeks of Hell® is a registered trademark.

16 life-changing weeks

“I set a goal for myself. I want to live a healthier life as long as possible. 16 weeks of hell has been life-changing. During these 16 weeks I have lost 10.1 kg in weight and changed my fat percentage from 24.3% to 10.4%.”

Magnus Hedman

16 weeks