Before you sign up

16WOH only works to inspire, motivate and coach participants. We do not persuade anyone, which means that if you have the slightest doubt, you should not sign up for this.

It is your responsibility to have close contact with us during the program so we can adjust your diet in time. By adjusting we always mean eating more. In the end, we want all participants to eat as much as possible. We have participants who eat 4500 kcal/day during what we call cut.

It is important to remember that you should not eat more than we recommend, but under no circumstances should you eat less than we recommend. More is not good but less can be dangerous. We choose to trust people. If you as a participant choose to lie to us, the responsibility lies with you.

If you have had or are worried about getting some form of eating disorder, you should think very carefully before you sign up for 16WOH or any similar program where your diet is controlled. The responsibility for whether 16WOH is right for you, lies with you as an individual. We neither can nor want to make that decision for you.

We do not eat a Keto diet. We eat according to 16WOH principles which means that we end up in a keto state during parts of the program.

We do not eat according to the classic periodic fasting principle. We eat according to the 16WOH principle, which is reminiscent of classic periodic fasting.

We never remove carbohydrates completely from the diet. The amount of carbohydrates varies between the four blocks which the diet is divided into, and the difference from individual to individual in terms of the amount of carbohydrates is very large.

Cost and Payment

If the price picture feels wrong, we respect that and you should of course not sign up for 16WOH.

Registration for the program is binding and will be billed according to current payment terms.


We recommend having access to a fully equipped gym since the training program is based on that. There are of course alternative exercises to the most of the exercises, and there is a playlist with exercises to use when you do not have access to a fully equipped gym. For instance when traveling. Completing the entire program using this playlist is possible, but not something we recommend.

More than 97% of our participants live completely “ordinary lives” with family, full-time work etc.

Implementing 16WOH will take time and require planning, discipline and motivation. After the program, you will receive concrete tips and ideas on how to maintain your newfound physique. Wise active choices will be required on your part and the responsibility lies with you to do just that. You do not purchase lifetime coaching or support through 16WOH.

In the end, we hope that you will find your balance in life, in terms of training and diet. I want to be clear that the attitude from 16WOH is always that the participants should eat as much as possible. The more good energy you can give to your body, the better conditions you have to be physically active and do exactly what you find joy in.

Last but not least, we build physique, we do not diet. If you are only looking for a way to lose weight, there is much better help to get than what 16WOH can offer.

Tony Andersson
CEO, Founder and Coach 16WOH

Have you decided?

Have you decided?

Have you decided?